Please note Ringette Ontario will be collecting contact information for teams in various divisions to ensure we are able to directly communicate with teams throughout the season. All teams should complete the form below that best applies to them.

Listed individuals will be contacted for tournament selections, booking accommodations, receiving information and requests prior to as well as during Provincials. 


Provincial Divisions:

U12 – https://forms.gle/A1DSXqhFujwCs5pYA

AA – https://forms.gle/z2hGExGGHRyww2AS9

A – https://forms.gle/PiUy46PRDmQ9578X7

18+ University – https://forms.gle/de6cWRXHijAoMA7T9


Regional Teams – https://forms.gle/edqDR71gpSUuskvc6


Contact information should also be submitted by the following dates: 

  • A/AA – June 10th, 2019
  • U12 – September 15th, 2019
  • Regional – October 1st, 2019

2020 Provincial Events

2020 Provincial Event Dates:

  • AA Provincial Championship – March 12-15 hosted by Richmond Hill Ringette Association
  • A Provincial Championship – March 19-22 hosted by West Ottawa Ringette Association
  • U12 Provincial Event – April 2-5 hosted by Sault St. Marie Ringette Association

Things to Remember For Tournaments:

Failure by teams to submit the tournament selection information as requested will result in the team’s being assigned to tournaments as fits the requirements of the Provincial G&T Committee.

Invitational tournament withdrawal dates do not apply to Provincial level teams that have been assigned to tournaments as per the selections they submit regardless whether they intend to attend provincials or not. Upon assignment to tournaments, teams are to complete the registration process for each tournament they have been assigned to.  Once a team has been assigned to a tournament, they cannot be denied acceptance into the tournament and they cannot withdraw from the tournament without approval by the Provincial G&T Committee in extenuating circumstances.

The FAQ section contains answers to common questions, however, if there are any items that need further clarification, please contact the Regional G&T Coordinator.

Wild Card Formula

Teams aspiring for a Wild Card to attend Provincial for the 2018-2019 season will be selected according to their winning percentages as per the ranking chart posted on the Ringette Ontario website.  Tournaments considered for wildcard stats are to be completed by February 22nd, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does a team apply for a Wild Card position?

Answer: Wild Card applications will be included on the “Intent to Proceed to Provincials” forms which are available from the Ringette Ontario office.  This form requires the signatures of bench staff members and the Association President.  Please check with your Regional G&T Coordinator for the deadline and fee to submit this “Intent to Proceed” form.

The online “Team Registration Form” must be completed and submitted no later than November 20th.  This is for registration purposes and is required in addition to the signed paper form per above.

  1. Do league games qualify for Wild Card stats?

Answer: Only tournament games between Ontario registered teams qualify for wildcard stats.

  1. Does a Quebec tournament qualify as an Out-of-Region tournament?

Answer: “Out of Region” refers only to tournaments held inside Ontario, but not in the region of the team in question.

  1. Do any Quebec tournament games count for stats?

Answer: Out of province tournament games count if played against another Ontario team that is registered in the same division and level with the RO.

  1. How many tournaments must my team attend?

Answer: Every team applying to attend the ‘U12’ Provincial Event must attend 2 RO Sanctioned tournaments and not more than 5 tournaments, including the Provincial Event. All other Provincial level teams must attend 4 RO tournaments as assigned through the tournament selection process.  (Mileage exemptions allowed as per Operating Manual G&T section).

  1. How does G&T get results from the tournaments?

Answer: Each RO tournament host must submit their results to Regional G&T Coordinator within 24 hours of the end of a tournament.

  1. How does G&T get results from the out of province games that count?

Answer: Both teams are required to submit results to their Regional G&T Coordinator as soon as possible after the game(s).

  1. Who ensures that the stats are correct?

Answer: Coaches are required to verify the correct postings for tournament results and to check the accuracy of ranking statistics on the Ringette Ontario website. Contact should be made to the Regional G&T Coordinator immediately if there are any errors.

  1. How do we know what tournaments qualify for using stats?

Answer: Tournaments completed by their division’s deadlines qualify.

  1. Do the top fourteen teams automatically go to Provincials?

Answer: Not necessarily.

Each Region will send a team designated as their Regional Representative. The process for determining this representative varies from region to region. The process for each region can be found HERE.

In addition, the host association may send one team in each division.

All remaining spaces will be assigned by the wild card process. This will include 6 wild card spaces, plus any unfilled region or host space (e.g. a region/host does not have any teams or any teams who have declared an “intent to proceed” to provincials).

Teams will then play in tiers based on their “Final Score Rank” as determined in the ranking chart posted on the RO website. In all cases, teams are required to meet the Provincials Eligibility Requirements in order to attend Provincials.

  1. How does my team know if they received a Wild Card?

Answer: Up until the deadline, rankings will be shown in alphabetical order. At that time, rankings will be verified and sorted. Wild Card spots will be noted. Regional G&T Coordinators will then notify their teams of the final rankings and Wild Card selections.

  1. How will the pools for the teams attending the U12 Provincial Event in Guelph be determined?

Answer: All teams will have stats against each other sorted and handled in a similar manner to Wild Cards. The Provincial G&T Committee will assign groupings and notify teams with regards to which division they will play in.

  1. How will the Provincial A level tiers be determined?

Answer:  Teams will be decided three weeks before the first day of Provincials. After that, the identified teams will be ranked based on their points.  Ringette Ontario tie-breaking rules apply if required.

The Provincial G&T Committee will then assign the groupings. Rankings will be shown in alphabetical order, up until the deadline. At that time, rankings will be verified and sorted by ranking. Wild Card Spots will be noted. Regional G&T Coordinators will then notify teams of the final rankings and the Wild Card selections.

14,  How will the Provincial AA level rankings be determined?

Answer: Only one game between the same teams will count towards the rankings. If two teams are going to play each other multiple times, the Provincial G&T Committee will determine which game will count at the beginning of the year.

Coaches are encouraged to contact each other to determine which tournaments their teams are applying for, in an effort to see all teams in their division during the season. This will help the selection process of the “ranking” games.

The Provincial G&T Committee will have the final decision as to which game will count as ranking games:

  • 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss
  • The tie-breaking chart will be used to rank teams

If there are twelve teams or less in a division for the Provincial Championship in Waterloo, then there will be one pool at Provincials. If there are thirteen teams or more, the division will be split into two tiers based on ranking. The two tiers will be independent of each other and there will be no crossover between tiers.

  1. Can our team choose which stats they want to use?

Answer: No.