Hall of Fame


Provincial Builders

Provincial Builders are the highest honour a volunteer may receive within Ringette Ontario. It is given to those who distinguish themselves while promoting or supporting Ringette within Ontario. With it comes life membership.

Hall of Fame

Gordon Bell - Oshawa (1979)

A founder of the Central Ontario Ringette League, Gordon Bell has served a variety of positions. He was a coach, but he was also the President of the Oshawa Association from 1977 to 1980.He served as the Games and Tournament co-ordinator from 1987 to 1989, and also acted as a regional director. Bell was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Provincial Builder for his achievements in 1993

Jo Anne Benedict - Thunder Bay (2002)

When Jo Anne Benedict began as a player at the age of 17 she had just learned to skate, and was determined not to allow herself to be outdone by the teammates she termed “young punks.” She played every position including goalie, for her home association and helped her team win medals at Intermediate and Masters level competitions. She became a part of the Thunder Bay Ringette Association in the 1981 to 1982 season. By the time she was inducted into the Hall of Fame she had served more than 13 years on the local board, including three as president. She increased her involvement in Ringette as regional director of the Northwest Region, until 1996 when she was elected to the Ontario Ringette Association board. Two years later Benedict became president. She promoted the sport throughout Northwestern Ontario for years, as a player, executive member, and a tournament organizer. Benedict coached all levels, from novice to open, from recreational to competitive, including the Northwest Ontario Winter Games team and the Thunder Bay Petite A team. In 2002 she gained recognition for her accomplishments through Provincial Builder and induction into the Hall of Fame.

Dave Bennett - Ottawa (2011)

Dave has been involved with ringette in Ontario for 20 years.  The Gloucester-Cumberland Ringette Association, Eastern Region, Ontario Ringette and Ringette Canada have benefited from Dave’s coaching, administrative and committee help.

Dave has coached for 20 years, starting at the Bunny level with Gloucester-Cumberland, and he continued through to the U19 AA level.  He has been Vice President House League, Vice President Administration, President, Tournament Chair and Tournament Ice Scheduler.  Dave has been a part of their Coaching Selection Committees and organized ringette publicity campaigns.  He has also been the ice scheduler for GAARA Silver Spoon Tournament.

Dave has been the Eastern Region Chair, Eastern Region Vice Chair and member of the Ontario Ringette Association Board.  His knowledge, fairness and professionalism were an asset.  His ability to review information, formulate opinions and help make an educated and informed decision that would benefit the majority of the ORA members was a valued asset.  Dave has been a member of tribunal panels, scholarship committees and working groups at the Local, Regional, Provincial and National levels Dave has been active in the University Ringette movement and been instrumental in promoting University Ringette in Ontario through publicity campaigns.  He has been the University Challenge Cup Registrar, helped develop policies and procedures for the University Challenge Cup and currently coaches the University of Ottawa Ringette Team. As a well-respected person in the Ringette Community Dave was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011.