Canadian Ringette Championships


The Canadian Ringette Championships (CRC) were first held in 1979 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Along with the Canada Winter Games, the CRC event is the very best that the sport has to offer nationally and it serves as a dynamic forum of competition for athletes, coaches and officials from across the country. The tournament is designed to determine the Canadian champions in the U16, U19 and National Ringette League categories.

As well as determining champions, the tournament provides the athletes with the opportunity to compete at the elite level, encourages sportsmanship and interprovincial goodwill, and increases the visibility of the sport across the country.

Ringette Canada’s annual national championships typically take place in late March or early April.


Date: April 5th – 11th, 2020

Location: Ottawa, Ontario


*Our Teams:  U16 Team Ontario (1) | U16 Team Ontario (2) |                          U16 Team Ontario (3)

U19 Team Ontario (1) | U19 Team Ontario (2) |                          U19 Team Ontario (3)

*Please note that in 2020, Ontario will send three U16AA and three U19AA teams to CRC’s. 

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