Ringette Ontario has received numerous questions about the remainder of the ringette season and our decision to suspend ringette activities indefinitely in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some frequently asked questions that we have received over the last few days.


What does “suspended indefinitely” mean? 

As of now, scheduled ringette games, tournaments and events will not move forward. Ringette Ontario will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the public health authorities, government agencies and Ringette Canada. We will continue to monitor the situation as new information becomes available and will provide our membership with updates regularly.

How did Ringette Ontario decide to suspend all sanctioned ringette events and activities indefinitely?

Since the outbreak, RO has been proactively monitoring the situation through consultation with Ringette Canada and local health agencies where ringette activities and events were initially scheduled to take place. Based on the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer in Ontario, local health agencies and health professionals, RO made the decision to suspend all ringette activities. In suspending these activities, we hope to limit the potential of exposing and spreading the virus to athlete, coaches, volunteers and vulnerable populations within our communities and do our part to flatten the curve.

Why did Ringette Ontario wait until the second day of the ‘AA’ Provincial Championships to suspend the event and other ringette related activities?

Prior to deciding to suspend the 2020 Ringette Ontario ‘AA’ Provincial Championships, Ringette Ontario had been advised that the PHO had deemed events like ours as low-risk and had not recommended cancelling them. Based on their recommendations and expertise, we decided to keep moving forward with the event while continuously assessing the situation.

Once an announcement was made by the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario to immediately cancel all events with over 250 people, Ringette Ontario had to suspend the event immediately for the health and safety of our athlete, coaches and volunteers.

Will the remaining RO Provincial Championship & Event, OAIC and Regional Championships be rescheduled?

Ringette Ontario has made the decision to not reschedule these events for this season as we are unable to determine when or if this would be possible or if we would be able to secure facilities.

Will Team Fees Be Refunded?

Due to the cancellation of events, Ringette Ontario will be refunding the U12 and A Teams 100% of their entry fees.  For AA teams, we are currently undergoing an analysis of the amount that teams will be refunded.   We ask that all teams please be patient over the coming weeks as we work out these details, as municipalities and host associations have limited accessibility due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Can I still order Provincials apparel?

Yes. The Ringette Ontario Provincial Championships & Events stores are available online through Hometown Rivalry. Visit https://hometownrivalry.com/ to place your orders.

Will there be a Team Ontario?

No. The Team Ontario title is awarded to the team who wins their respective provincial championships and goes on to represent RO at both the Canadian Ringette Championships and Eastern Canadian Ringette Championships, both of which have been cancelled.  As we were unable to complete an event to determine who those teams would have been, we are suspending the awarding of this title.

What are “Ringette Ontario Sanctioned Events and Activities”?

Ringette Ontario sanctioned events and activities are all ringette related events which are deemed to fall under regular ringette.   These include practices, games, tournaments, provincials, league games, try-outs, banquets, dryland and any other activity for which your Association or team has secured insurance for under Ringette Ontario.

What will happen if Associations and teams run ringette related events during this time?

Ringette Canada and Ringette Ontario have suspended all ringette activities at this time. As a result, any ringette related activities run by associations or teams at this time (please see above) will not be covered by our insurance provider, BFL Canada.  In addition, we are strongly encouraging our members to practice social distancing and do their part to flatten the curve.

Is the 2020 U17 La Relève event still happening?

La Relève is suspended until further notice as a domestic activity and a Ringette Canada sanctioned event. Please visit www.ringette.ca for more information and updates.

Are Come Try Ringette events still happening?

No. Come Try Ringette is a Ringette Canada sanctioned activity and as such, these events are suspended until further notice. All events scheduled in March have been canceled. We will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation for those occurring in the following post March.

Will the Ringette Ontario Offices Be Open?

The Ringette Ontario Offices will be closed until April 6th.  However, the Ringette Ontario team will be working from home and can be reached via email.

If you would like to mail anything to the RO office, please contact us via email ahead of time. For general inquiries, please contact info@ringetteontario.com.


Please review Ringette Canada’s FAQs to answer any additional questions you may have.