Player Agreement – Standard Form

  • Association Details

  • (Attach any other schedules that also apply.)
  • For complete rules on Two Team Players, please see the ORA Operating Manual (Membership Services)

    1. A player may register on a Provincial Level TRF and also be registered on a regional level TRF either in the same or in a different association.
    2. A player may play in the Provincial Championships and the Regional Championships
    3. The option of priority is between the two teams as defined in this agreement between both coaches and player/parent. The general hierarchy is Championships, Tournaments, Games, Practices, Meetings then Social Activities unless agreed upon by all parties. If all concerned agree when the hierarchy is different in a given situation, the agreed solution can be approved.
    4. Any amendments to this agreement must be initialled by all concerning parties and the Membership Services Coordinator(s) and G&T Coordinator(s) of that region.
    5. Disputes over team loyalties and interpretations of the agreement will be brought to Membership Services and G&T Coordinators for resolution.
    6. A player may participate on only one team, in one tournament on any given weekend.

  • This form must be completed with all signatures and returned to Membership Services Coordinator for final approval by November 15th each season. The player may not participate with the second team until this agreement has been signed and approved by the coordinators.

    Once approved, an ORA Information Change Form (ICF) must be submitted immediately to the ORA Office by the Association Registrar to complete the player’s registration on the second team.