Athlete Development Performance Awards

As the season moves towards year end tournaments, the time comes to consider players on your team to choose the highest performing athletes.

Who makes that fabulous stop?

Who forechecks relentlessly?

Who can you rely on to catch the player before they get to your net?

Athlete Development has created new awards to give you a chance to highlight that top performing athlete on your team. There are 2 sets of awards: one set for the Recreational B/C/House league players, and a separate set of awards for Provincial A/AA players.

If you have an outstanding goaltender- one that stopped the shot that changed the outcome of the game, you are encouraged to download the form and make a nomination.

If you have a great hustling defensive person, the player who is “in-the-face” of the fast moving forwards, then again, download the form and make a nomination. From offense to defense, we want to hear from you! There are awards waiting to acknowledge these athletes.

Athlete Development Performance Award Nomination Form

For further information on the criteria for these awards, refer to Membership services under “Athlete Development” sections of the Online Operating Manual tab on the home page.

The deadline for “Athlete Development Performance Award” nominations is April 1st, which is the same date that “Player of the Year” nominations need to be in.