Administration Forms

Adult Development Forms

  • ADP-F-01 18+/35+ Transfer Application Form
  • ADP-F-02 18+/35+ Two Team Player Agreement
  • ADP-F-03 Application To Host Ontario Adult Invitational Cup
  • ADP-F-04 Composite Team Information Form
  • ADP-F-06 Adult Independent Player Form

Coaching Development Program Forms

  • C-F-01  Bench Staff Code of Conduct Agreement
  • C-F-02 Bench Staff Substitution Form
  • C-F-03 Independent Bench Staff Registration Form

High-Performance Program Forms

Games & Tournaments Program Forms

  • G&T-F-01 Sanctioned Event Application Form
  • G&T-F-02  3 on 3 Sanctioned Event Application Form
  • G&T-F-03 List of Teams Form
  • G&T-F-05 Tournament Event Sanction Fee Form
  • G&T-F-06 Sanctioned Event Fee Remittance Form – Regional Use
  • G&T-F-07 TRF Adjustment Form
  • G&T-F-08 Out of Province Play Form
  • G&T-F-09 Out of Country Play Form
  • GT-F-10 Application to Host Provincial Championships
  • Intent Form – Provincials

Injury Forms

Membership Services Forms

  • M-F-01 Membership Application and Board of Directors/Mailing Contact Form
  • M-F-01 Regional Membership Region Use Only
  • M-F-02 Playing Agreement – Standard Form (for 2-Team Players)
  • M-F-04 Volunteer Registration Form (VRF)
  • M-F-07 Player Tryout/Release Form
  • M-F-08 Approved Players Release Summary
  • M-F-14 Athletic Claim Report/B. F. Lorenzetti & Associates Inc. Please submit original documentation, as well as original invoicing. The insurer requires originals or else claims will not be processed.
  • M-F-15 Ringette Ontario Registration Form
  • M-F-17 Risk Management & Safety Audit Form
  • M-F-18 Player Relocation Form
  • M-F-22 Two Team Players List

**Award Nomination Forms

  • M-F-16 Volunteer Recognition Program Nomination Form (Regional)
  • M-F-19 Athlete Performance Award Nomination Form (Regional)
  • M-F-16 Volunteer Recognition Program Nomination Form (Provincial)
  • M-F-19 Athlete Performance Award Nomination Form (Provincial)

Officiating Development Program Forms

  • O-F-05  On-ice Officials Registration Form
  • O-F-07 Evaluation Submission Form
  • O-F-08 Outreach Application
  • O-F-09 National Scouting Program Application
  • O-F-10 Student Outreach Application

Sport Development Forms

  • SD-F-01 Camp Application Form
  • SD-F-02 Contract for an Additional-Substitution Goalie