Ontario Ringette Association On-Ice Officials Registration Form

In order to register as an official – you must submit this form to the ORA office by September 15th or before you step onto the ice.
  • Month/Day/Year
  • Payment Details

    If you chose to register with an association your association will be invoiced. If you chose to register as an independent please send cheque to ORA office, payable to Ontario Ringette Association or send an etransfer to ed@ontario-ringette.com, password official
  • Police Check

    All officials in the Province of Ontario that are 18 years of age or over must provide a valiid police record check to your local Associationo Privacy Officer or to the ORA office prior to January 8th. PRC checks will be valid for a period of 3 years.
  • Authorization

    I, the undersigned (registrant or legal parent/guardian), in registering with the Ontario Ringette Association as an on-ice official, agree to abide and be governed by all prescribed by-laws, rules, regulations, policies, principles and philosophies as outlined in the Corporation’s Operating Manual, as posted on the Ontario Ringette website.