Gym Ringette

Gym Ringette is a version of gym floor sports that have been played since the 1950s, perhaps even earlier. It’s an elementary form of hockey and was originally created as an alternative ice sport. Ringette introduced new rules and team-play concepts that transferred very well to the gymnasium floor.

Gym Ringette can be played as an activity on its own, or as a “dry land” supplement to develop Ice Ringette skills. It’s perfect for practicing or teaching indoors all year round.

Gym Ringette is structured to focus on cooperative team play, with an emphasis on agility, speed and strategy rather than strength and aggression. The rules of Gym Ringette, appropriately enforced, promote safe play, making it an inclusive sport.

Benefits of Gym Ringette

  • An excellent co-ed activity, that requires both finesse and strategy
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Great form of exercise as players must rely on agility, speed and endurance
  • Helps develop core physical literacy skills– strength, balance, flexibility, agility and muscular co-ordination
  • Develops co-operation with teammates, socializing and fosters healthy competition

Gym ringette provides a highly active, participatory, low cost, structured activity and it’s a fun co-ed activity to enjoy, regardless of age, strength or size.

Interested in hosting a gym ringette session? Contact a ringette association in your area for more information.

Play Gym Ringette