Date: March 12-15, 2020

Location: Richmond Hill


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All ‘AA’ level teams should engage their Regional G&T Coordinator to assist in deciding which tournaments to select.

To qualify for the Provincial Championships teams must participate in at least 4 Ringette Ontario sanctioned tournaments.

Each ‘AA’ Provincial team is required to provide a list of 6 tournaments they are interested in attending.  Tournaments must include at least 1 from each of 4 regions.  Teams must indicate the total number of tournaments they wish to attend including their requested balance of “in the region” and “out of region”.

At the summer SCM, the Provincial G&T Committee will assign tournaments and identify ranking games for U14AA, U16AA and U19AA teams.  Only the results of the assigned ranking games will be used for ranking regardless of how many times a team may play the same opponent.

All U14AA, U16AA and U19AA teams will be invited to attend the Provincial Championships.  Teams will be divided into tiers if there are more than 12 teams in the division based on their provincial ranking as of the cut-off date of February 23rd, 2020.

18+AA teams will be required to each submit 6 tournaments on 6 separate weekends.  All 18+AA teams must select a minimum of one tournament in each of at least three different regions.


Please note Ringette Ontario will be collecting contact information for teams in various divisions to ensure we are able to directly communicate with teams throughout the season. All teams should complete the form below that best applies to them.

Listed individuals will be contacted for tournament selections, booking accommodations, receiving information and requests prior to as well as during Provincials. 

AA – https://forms.gle/z2hGExGGHRyww2AS9

Contact information should also be submitted by the following dates: 

  • AA – June 10th, 2019