2020 Provincial U12 Event Information

Date: April 2-5, 2020

Location: Sault Ste. Marie


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|2020 U12 Tournament & Season Information|

U12 Provincial Teams

All U12 Provincial teams should engage with their Regional G&T Coordinator to assist in deciding which tournaments to select. To qualify for the U12 Provincial Event teams must participate in at least 2 Ringette Ontario sanctioned tournaments and at least one should be prior to the December re-seeding deadline.

Each U12 Provincial team is required to provide a list of 5 tournaments they are interested in attending, ranked in order of preference.  Teams must indicate the total number of tournaments they wish to attend including their requested balance of “in the region” and “out of region”.  U12 teams are restricted to a maximum of 5 competitive events, which equates to a maximum of 4 invitational tournaments plus the Provincial Event.

All U12 Provincial teams must use the link provided to submit their selections no later than September 17th.

All qualifying U12 Provincial teams will be invited to attend the U12 Provincial Event.  Teams will be sorted into pools of similarly skilled teams for this event.

To facilitate the pooling process, U12 Provincial teams may be asked to attend different tournaments than originally selected in the second half of the season.

|2019-2020 U12 Team Contact Information|

Please supply the name, position, email address and cell phone number of at least two people and a maximum of three who can be easily contacted throughout the “U12P” tournament selection process, throughout the 2019/20 season as well as during the Provincial Event by September 15th.

These are the people who will be contacted for tournament selections, booking accommodations, receiving information and requests prior to as well as during the Event should there be any issue arise that requires the teams to be contacted. Therefore it is extremely important that the people you list will have access to the internet and their cell phone on a regular basis.

Note: The head coach is ultimately responsible for the team and as such, one of the contact people must be the head coach.

SUBMIT INFORMATION HERE: U12 Contact Information Link