Ringette Ontario is always educating our members on the importance of making ringette safe. We strive to be a sport that encourages equity, diversity and inclusion and does not tolerate bullying, harassment and abuse towards any of our participants. Participants are educated through our codes of conduct, concussion awareness and injury prevention methods and through utilizing educational resources.

A safe sport environment can only be ensured when leaders and participants do their part. Please refer to our resources for digital and print materials to help better educate yourself or others on the topic of safe sport.

Codes of Conduct

All members of the Ringette Ontario community are required to follow our codes of conduct. Please review them.

Codes of Conduct Reviewed Revised
Code of Conduct & Ethics26-Jul-18 28-Jun-19
Athlete Code of Conduct28-Oct-18 28-Jun-19
Coaches Code of Conduct26-Jul-18 28-Jun-19
Officials Code of Conduct26-Jul-18 28-Jun-19
Parents Code of Conduct27-Jul-18 28-Jun-19
Spectator Code of Conduct28-Oct-18 28-Jun-19

Concussion Awareness 

Rowan’s Law legislation was passed by the Ontario Government in 2018. This legislation is named in memory of Rowan Stringer who tragically died in 2013, of Second Impact Syndrome – the result of suffering multiple concussions playing rugby three times in six days. The legislation is designed to create a safer environment for competitive amateur athletes, children and youth to play sport.

Learn more about Rowans Law and Injury prevention at

Ringette Ontario Educational Resources 



Ringette Ontario encourages all players, coaches, parents and volunteers take the Safe Sport Training Course. The course is meant to help anyone involved in sport identify and prevent situations of maltreatment.

Other Educational Resources