Ringette Ontario has created and adopted policies that all ringette participants are  required to follow in order to ensure a safe sporting environment.

Please review Ringette Ontario’s Safe Sport policies.

Ringette Ontario Safe Sport Policies

Safe Sport Policies Reviewed Revised
Annual Offence Declaration Form 12-Sep-19
Athlete Protection Guidelines - 27-Jan-20
Conflict of Interest Form 12-Sep-19
Harassment Policy 26-Jul-18 27-Jun-19
Investigation Policy September 12, 2019
Person in Authority Guidelines 12-Sep-19
Rule of Two Guidelines 27-Jun-19 27-Jun-19
Rule of Two Guidelines (Virtual)
Safe Sport Policy - 27-Jan-20
Screening Policy 08-May-18 12-Sep-19
Social Media Policy 27-Jun-19 27-Jun-19
Social Media Guidelines 27-Jun-19 27-Jun-19
Trans Inclusion Policy - Aug-21
Screening Disclosure Form 12-Sep-19
Whistleblower Policy 12-Sep-19
Concussion Policies Reviewed Revised
Concussion Policy 03-Mar-20 03-Mar-20
Concussion Management Guidelines - -
Return to Play Policy 25-Jun-18 28-Jun-09
Bench Staff Concussion COC 28-Jun-19 28-Jun-19
Athlete Concussion COC