Ringette Ontario is always working to ensure the individuals in our community and sport uphold and embody the values of safe sport. Through  preventative measures such as early intervention, screening and practical methods, we can can ensure that the right individuals lead our sport and that all individuals, especially vulnerable ones, are kept safe.

Early Intervention

Through early intervention sport leaders and participants may recognize and address signs of high risk and inappropriate behaviour. 
If you see something wrong, such as signs of abuse, please be sure to let your sport leaders, Associations or Ringette Ontario know. Through early intervention, we may be able to reduce the escalation of serious issues or incidents.
REMEMBER:  If you see something, please say something. Your actions may change someones life.


Screening is a process that helps organizations like Ringette Ontario find qualified and safe volunteers. The screening process may include assessments, background checks and orientation.

Individuals involved with Ringette Ontario, it’s Regions and Associations, will be screened according to the organization’s Screening Policy.

Please review the ‘Background Screening Matrix’ for clarification on screening requirements for volunteers.

For more information, please review the Screening Policy.


Ringette Ontario has introduced and implemented practical methods for all participants to follow.

For more information, please review the Rule of Two Guidelines and  Person in Authority Expectations Guidelines.



Ringette Ontario also recommends that all bench-staff take the Safe Sport Training Course. The course is meant to help anyone involved in sport identify and prevent situations of maltreatment.

Responsible Coaching Movement

In accordance with the Coaching Association of Canada, all Ringette Ontario bench staff  must follow the three steps to to responsible coaching:

  1. The Rule of Two
  2. Background Screening
  3. Ethics Training (Make Ethical Decisions)

Visit for more information.