Team of the Month – Tillsonburg U9 Twisters

This month, Ringette Ontario would like to recognize an extraordinary team for our January ‘Team of the Month’ feature: The Tillsonburg U9 Twister!

What a year for the Tillsonburg U9 Twisters. This small team started out in the U8 division, because half of the team was new to the sport of ringette. They worked so hard before the season started to get up to speed with the game, but more importantly grow as a team and begin to work together. After a month of playing games, every girl had scored a goal by working together. Many new friendships have been formed that will likely last a lifetime.

When the coach suggested moving up to the U9 division, some of the girls were nervous. But they faced their fears head on and jumped right into it with back-to-back U9 tournaments at the beginning of January, playing against some experienced and fast teams. They rarely won in those tournaments, but they did not give up. They improved so much each game. No matter the end result, they won and lost as a team. But there were no shortage of smiles and shenanigans regardless of the outcome of the game.

After each game, the girls always came to the next practice or game ready to take on more of a challenge. In one of our practices, the Tillsonburg U9 Twisters decided to treat themselves after all of their hard work in January. In lieu of our standard skating drills, they practiced a synchronized skating routine and then performed it for the parents. It was rough…they are not changing sports! But man did they have fun!

You can see the performance here: Tillsonburg U9 Twisters

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