Ringette Ontario Athlete Advisory Committee

Our Team

Who We Are

What is the Athlete Advisory Committee? The Athlete Advisory Committee acts as an informed advisor to the Ringette Ontario Office in the implementation of policies and the Ringette Ontario Strategic Plan as it pertains to Athletes. The Committee is an advisory committee of the Ringette Ontario Office and is governed by the Ringette Ontario Bylaws. The Committee reports to the Ringette Ontario Office, with the Chair reporting to the Board and does not have independent decision-making authority. Members of the Committee should bring perspective from all areas of Ringette in Ontario including youth, adult, recreational, competitive, and pursuit of excellence programs. The Ringette Ontario Office provides support through administration, marketing and deliverables as requested by the Committee.


For a complete overview of the Athlete Advisory Committee, please review The Ringette Ontario Athlete Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

What We Do

The Athlete Advisory Committee will:

  •  Bring Ringette Athletes’ concerns to the attention of the Office and Board
  • Advise Athletes on policy changes put forward by the Board
  • Ask Ringette Athletes what their concerns/opinions are on topics such as inclusion, playing boundaries, safety, competition structure and any other topic Athletes may have concerns with
  • Present an annual report to the Members at the Ringette Ontario Annual General Meeting

The first meeting of the Committee will be scheduled for October 2019. Meetings are to be held every 2 months with the option to schedule meetings in between as required. The meeting schedule will be determined at the first meeting in October.


Please note that the application process for the 2019-2020 committee is now closed. 

Committee members serve two-year terms. Nomination and appointing of members will be staggered by appointing half of the members each year in order to ensure continuity of the Athlete Advisory Committee.

In order to be nominated individuals must:

  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Be a registered player with Ringette Ontario at the time of their nomination
  • Be in good standing with their local association
  • Complete the Athlete Advisory Committee Application Form

A minimum of 7 members, and maximum of 9, will be appointed to the Committee.

The nomination process is now closed and will reopen in Summer 2020. Questions or comments regarding the Athlete Advisory Committee can be directed to Ringette Ontario’s Athlete Director, Christianne Varty at athletedirector@ringetteontario.com.