The Program

The Adult Development Program was established to provide the continuation of the sport of Ringette for adults in the province of Ontario. As participants in the sport of Ringette at the adult level, the committee recognizes specific adult needs and requirements, many of which are very different from those of youth.

The Provincial Standing Committee would like to emphasize that the organization and development of programs and activities has been geared to meet specific adult needs and requirements. In these times of change, teams should maintain a degree of flexibility that will provide adult players with a place to play at their level of skill.

Keep The Game Going

Interested in playing ringette? Find an association in your area with Adult Ringette Programming by visiting as association website or contacting your Regional Adult Development Coordinator.

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Come Try Ringette

Come Try Ringette is a free event for adults to come and try the game of ringette! Whether you’re trying it for the first time or looking to ease back into it, CTR will provide you with a fun and informative ringette experience.

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