The Program

The Adult Development Program was established to provide the continuation of the sport of Ringette for adults in the province of Ontario. As participants in the sport of Ringette at the adult level, the committee recognizes specific adult needs and requirements, many of which are very different from those of youth.

The Provincial Standing Committee would like to emphasize that the organization and development of programs and activities has been geared to meet specific adult needs and requirements. In these times of change, teams should maintain a degree of flexibility that will provide adult players with a place to play at their level of skill.

Keep The Game Going

Interested in playing ringette? Find an association in your area with Adult Ringette Programming by visiting as association website or contacting your Regional Adult Development Coordinator.

2022-2023 Registration Options

  1. Register/align your team with a Minor Club (i.e. Waterloo Ringette Association). This is a great option to allow players moving out of U19 a chance to continue to play for the same club in 18+ and volunteer with the minor club.
  2. Register as an Affiliate Club – complete the Membership Form to be an Adult Affiliate Team with Ringette Ontario.
  3. Register directly through the RO portal and submit your team’s roster via email to RO will create your TRF and provide you with a copy to submit to Sanctioned Events for registration purposes.
  4. Interested in being a super-sub or do not have time to commit full time to a team? Register as an Independent Player using this link: