New Officials

Interested In Becoming An Official?

The first step is to contact your local association Referee-in-Chief and let them know you are interested!

From there, you will need to take a Level 1 officiating clinic. Please refer to the “Clinics” section for more information.

The Level 1 officiating clinic is designed to educate new officials in the basic techniques of officiating. The online clinic material is covered in approximately three (3) hours.

Topics covered include:

  • Qualification and pre-game duties
  • Positioning and on-ice mechanics
  • Violations and rules
  • Body contact principles
  • Signals
  • Skating skills assessment

The clinic is wrapped up with a Level 1 quiz, with a 50% pass required to certify.

The following items are required to get started officiating: skates, black CSA certified helmet, whistle, black pants, and an officials jersey.

When you complete the clinic, it is up to you to contact your local association Referee-in-Chief, complete a registration form and get on the ice! Good luck and have fun!