Ringette Officials are all part of the National Officials Certification Program (NOCP) which is managed by Ringette Canada.

Ringette Officials are an integral part of the sport of Ringette and the development of Ringette ON Officials is an important part of Ringette ON. As athletes grow and develop so must all our officials. Ringette ON sends officials to all major events including, Provincial Championships, Ontario Winter Games, Eastern Canadian and National Ringette Championships.

For more information and to create your Ringette Canada Referee Profile today please visit Ringette Canada Officials.


Interested In Becoming an Official?

Register for a Level 1 officiating clinic. Please refer to the Ringette Canada – Home ( for more information.

The Level 1 officiating clinic is designed to educate new officials in the basic techniques of officiating.

The online clinic material is covered in three (3) hours.

Topics covered include:

  • Qualification and pre-game duties
  • Positioning and mechanics
  • Violations and rules
  • Body contact principles
  • Signals

The clinic is wrapped up with a Level 1 quiz, with a 50% pass required to certify.

The following items are required to get started officiating skates, black CSA certified helmet, whistle, black pants, and an official’s jersey.

When you complete the clinic, it is up to you to contact your local association Referee-in-Chief, complete the RO registration form and get on the ice!


Good luck and have fun!