West Ottawa U12 Provincial Côté – Challenging themselves to get better!

The West Ottawa U12 Provincial Côté team is on a roll this season – and not because they are racking up wins! The West Ottawa U12 P – Côté team is a RED team – meaning they are not the “top” U12 provincial team in their association. This team has a mix of girls who played on a total of 5 different teams last year. Despite this, they have bonded and come together as a team to accomplish some amazing things. Not only did they win a silver medal at the Whitby tournament in January, but they have proven they can hold their own and compete with BLUE teams from the Eastern Region. Most recently – they finished the GCRA tournament with a 2 and 2 record in a tough division only giving up 10 goals in 4 games. These girls push themselves hard every game and have learned to work together as a team to succeed.